Family Dog - Allen Cohen - Hepcats Ball 2003 - complete set
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Family Dog - Allen Cohen - Hepcats Ball 2003 - complete set

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This is why I do this. A complete set (4 posters, one handbill) from The Hepcats Ball. A special benefit for Allen Cohen at The Great American Music Hall on Oct. 29th, 2003. Presented by Chet Helms and The Family Dog. Staring Phil Lesh and The Hep Kats, Ram Dass and Don't Push The Clown. Dennis and I worked really hard on this project and we are both proud and honored to have been involved. The first poster is by Chuck Sperry (Firehouse). It's a 15.5x25, s/n screen print (xx/350). The second is the Dennis Loren/Howard Krouk offset. It measures 18x27 and is signed by Dennis only. The third poster is by Mouse. It also is offset and measures 18x27. It is plate signed by Mouse. Both of these posters were printed by the same printer. These three posters were part of a special VIP package. The forth poster was a 11x17 offset of Mouse's poster and was given to everyone as they left the hall. The handbill is a two sided offset and measures 3.65x5.5. On one side is the show info., designed by Dennis, and on the other side is the Jim Phillips Family Dog Presents logo. A very special poster set.

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